Benjamin Yahraus was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Ben travels the world performing at Sensual Shamanic Funk music at festivals and concerts. As a multi-instrumentalist, he loops layers of sound to create a deep journey of movement and heart opening. He also offers sound healing for private retreats & festivals, and teaches a variety of offerings.

Ben first experienced his calling to sound healing while implementing music therapy with disabled and blind children. At birth, he inherited a visual impairment enough to render him legally blind. The blessing has been his heightened sense of sound, intuition and subtle energy.

At age 11, Ben started playing funk bass. Self-taught, he also picked up drums when living with his older brother who is a drummer. This trickled down very gradually to him becoming a lead guitarist, while additionally picking up many other stringed and percussion instruments along the way. He incorporates funk, jazz and fusion with psychedelic blues and soul. 

During his first Reiki class at age 19, Ben experienced his divine connection with Spirit. He went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and naturally added sound to his healing practice. Soon after, he was gifted a set of valuable Tibetan singing bowls, the youngest of the seven bowls was 300 years old! The owner of the bowls felt they were calling to work with Ben.

Since 2010, Ben has offered sound meditations at numerous colleges in Arizona. Before founding Southwest Sound Healing, the young healer gave away all he owned and began his walk as a wisdom keeper of the Rites of the Munay-Ki ( This experience of indigenous connection to all aspects of self forever changed his life. He now teaches this series of ceremonies in private and group settings. 

Ben has also shared his gifts with the community as a Mentor at Prescott College, allowing students to earn upper division credit by studying Munay-Ki Rites and Sound Healing with him.

It is truly a blessing to be in Ben's presence and feel the vibration that comes alive through him. His sound healing offerings are an inspired blend of beaming tuning forks through crystals, chanting, string instruments, setting singing bowls over chakras and his baby, a 24-inch gong tuned to the moon's vibration. Experience this effortless yet profound healing art as you are submerged in the waters of cosmic sound. Ben channels all of this intention and background into his live performances. His music embodies and inspires the Divine, Wild, Erotic, Nature of the Soul to Express Itself. 

Ben's fine multi-instrumental and musical skills bring his offerings into the public and communal setting as well. With his move to Hawaii in spring of 2014, he collaborated on the stage and recorded with groups and artists MC Preach, Fantuzzi, Tangled Roots, Tubby Love, Amber Lily, Aloka, Heartifact, Paul Reppel and The Caretakers.  

He is currently available for booking shows and recording as a soloist or band member, offering live music for Sensual Shamanic Funky dance party journeys, sound healing and energetic healing, and Munay-Ki Rite Initiator and Guidance.

More information of Ben's musical offerings can be found hereand more on his sound healing & ceremony offerings can be found here

Ben's complete credentials are available here.

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