Private Sound Healing

Enter a deep space of communion with your spirit and allow yourself to be completely held in the unconditional love of your divine essence. As Ben weaves a web of sacred resonance into and around your energetic field, your body will enter a deep state of rest and bliss, as if your spirit has taken a big drink of living water.

Ben combines guided Journeying, Gong Healing, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Grid Therapy, and Breathwork navigated by his intuitive connection to your needs.

individual session:   60 minute session, $99           90 minute, $140

couples session:      60 minutes, $160                      90 minute, $200

for group rates and private events, inquire here                    

Munay-ki Rites

This journey of 9 initiation ceremonies of the Andian Medicine People is offered to those souls who are called to awaken their full potential as an embodied soul in this life. 

For more detailed info on the origins and nature of the Munay-Ki rites visit

Retreat setting or personal apprenticeship available, inquire here

Polarity Therapy

This transformative healing art form integrates deep bodywork, Craniosacral, Ayurveda, Meridian Therapy, and Acupressure. Through embracing the spirit which informs the mental/emotional/physical bodies, we unlock access to the whole system of self, further enabling the restoration of balance within the body.

Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Chiropractic, who additionally studied Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, this dynamic modality is profoundly effective in discovering balance and relief in all areas of your unique being.

60 minute session, $100

Reiki Sound Healing Session

The origins of Ben's personal healing are in Reiki, the ancient healing art referred to in biblical texts as the laying on of hands. This subtle modality involves channeling the innate energy we all have access to for the highest intention of healing,  offered through gentle hands placed on energy points or solely working in the energy field surrounding the body.

Instilling a state of deep meditation and relaxation, combined with therapeutic sound and a little guided journeying, this restorative practice will offer deep-rooted rest so healing may flow with ease.

60 minute session, $100 
90 minute session, $130

Ben Yahraus has been blessed to aid those empathic souls who are called to support the earth and our community in this time of great change and turbulence through his practice of the Healing Arts & Ceremony since 2008,

Ben has additionally been an affiliate teacher of Prescott college, awarding upper division credit to students in areas of Andian ceremony, Reiki/Energy Healing, and Sound Healing.

He's been a guest speaker at several colleges, yoga festivals, and retreats, and loves to share his wisdom with others on this journey to Healing. 

More on Ben, the path he is walking and his complete credentials can be found here.

weaving together blues, funk, soul, gospel & worldbeat with sound healing

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